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This is about KAT-TUN

Hello fellow flist~ *waves*

It's been a long time since I put an entry here.
Today I'll talk about KAT-TUN.

On March 22, 2016 they had their 10th Anniversary. Omedetto KAT-TUN!
As you might know, they'll have their hiatus after their final 10th Anniversary concert that will be held on May 1, 2016.
Me, as a fan that knew them and following them even before their official debut, is very sad.
I followed their struggle for debut, followed their struggle after Jin left, followed their changed of music after Koki left because no one in the group can replaced Koki's rap parts.

I really hope, they won't have a long hiatus. I hope they will rise back, like NEWS.
Group with only three members is okay though. Shounentai has three members.
I really hope they can win their war and prove to all pessimistic fans that they can.
Maybe they'll lose some numbers of fans, but I pomised that I will never leave them.
I kept my promise to my Koala-nii that I will never leave KAT-TUN whatever happened to them.

Ne Koala-nii, if you read this entry, please keep your promise to my dearie Lion and my lovely Turtle that you will fight.
I, your poisonous Snake, promise that I will always have faith in KAT-TUN.
I love all KAT-TUN members; even Jin, Koki and Junno.

Keep fighting KAT-TUN! Keep shining and stay together as one, KAT-TUN.


Test... test... and test.

Heya everybody~ *waves*

Anyone missed me?
It's been a very long time since my last post.
I've been busy with my daily activities.
It took almost all my days and nights. I only can totally rest by the end of each month.

So, what makes me post something today?
Hmm... like the title said, lately my life is full of tests.
I am teaching in this school for almost 3 years and because of that I have to follow the rules.
On my 1st year, they had this kind of training and at the end of the training, I had test.
On my 2nd year, the school had the government re-evaluate their competency. Again all teachers had been busy preparing all things needed for the re-evaluate thingy.
Then, 2 days ago, I had this teacher's competency tests. Yes, we - teachers - had to take the competency tests.
It said that it'll know our competency as teachers. The tests were quite hard since I got the higher level.
Thanks God my score is above average so I don't have to re-take the tests next year.

That's it for today's entry. Hopefully I'll post another story soon.

Ja~ matta ne...



It's been a long time ago since I wrote my last entry.
I've been busy these days with all new school and new students to teach.
It's fun to join another school in this school year and I'm kinda excited because my new school full of fun activities! (it's based on the academic calendar, though).
I am assigned as a homeroom teacher for grade 1B. It consists of 23 students.
Most of them are easy to take care, but 3 of them are the "rebel" kind.
Anyway... I'm so excited waiting for November since we'll have a field trip.
And the, by early December, we'll have the end of semester and of course the long awaiting holiday~

That's all pals~
I'll update my journal again if I have enough spare time.


Fic: [Ohmiya] My All

Title: My All
Pairings: Ohno x Nino [Ohmiya]
Genre: Family!AU
Length: One Shot
Rating: PG-13
Notes: My very first published fic. It’s from Nino’s POV. Dedicated to yukichan_tb for her 200th posts. Hope you like it, dear~ ^^

My All

They're my source of strength. They're my source of happiness. They're my inspiration. They're my allCollapse )



Just for fun ne... XDDD

Your Arashi...
Full Name
Your best friend Ninomiya Kazunari
your lover Ohno Satoshi
your enemy Sakurai Sho
your s*x buddy Ohno Satoshi
your best friend's boyfriend Ohno Satoshi
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I want my Sho-chan... *whine*

Arashi has my soul~
Name / Username 
Your boyfriend is.. Ninomiya Kazunari
How you met him You dropped your notebook and he helped you picked it up & you melted at the sight of his eyes.
Your first date was.. Pleasant. You rode in his car as he drove you around the streets of Tokyo.
You dislike.. Jun. Because his skin is nicer than yours.
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Maji de??? o_O

Your NEWS boyfriend
Full Name 
Your NEWS boyfriend is: Shige
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You will be married: after 10 years
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Happy B'day my Ero Prince... ^0^

I think I already put everything I wanna say in the cards.
Hope Tecchin will see it someway~~~ *smile widely*

to the card... ^^Collapse )

Birthday Greeting ^^

This is my another Birthday Greeting for Jinjin... ^0^

Me, myself like this one than the other one. I made this one after that one. Hope you guys like this one as I do *glomps*

Birthday Greeting ^^

This is my Birthday Card for Massu... ^0^